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Caring To The Core

We try to follow the guiding principle of the practice motto, which is a smart approach to pain and rehabilitative medicine. The term smart is a loaded term, but I would like to emphasize the characteristics of being well reasoned and focused on accuracy.

Our smart approach asks the questions, “what exactly is causing your pain?” We then make efforts to uncover and diagnose the problem and then try to provide therapies that promote healing and recovery in the most natural manner. Our compassionate approach allows us to treat the symptoms as best we can to achieve this goal.

During my training, I felt limited by the Pain Medicine field that emphasized the proper prescribing of medications and performance of interventional procedures for the goal in the end to treat the symptoms of pain. While patients do appreciate the ability to feel better, in the end, these therapies serve as a superficial band-aid and do not address the underlying problems that cause pain.

When I started Philadelphia Smart Pain and Wellness, I wanted it to be different. I wanted to provide a practice capable of addressing the biomechanical, neurological, and psychological aspects that lead to the development of acute and chronic pain.

By integrating the symptom management of pain medicine with physical therapy, we provide the opportunity to achieve just this. Our goal is to bring caring to the core and provide compassion for each patient that treats with us and with laser focus, find the fundamental problems, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

The Smart Pain approach is embraced by the staff and we feel it explains why our results have been so excellent with our patients.

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